The California Republican Party believes one of the most fundamental duties of government is to enhance public safety and welfare by crafting and enforcing laws in a fair, just and efficient manner.

We believe the state, not the federal government, should govern and dictate criminal statues and maintain the quality of life. The California Republican Party believes that the rights of crime victims are paramount in a just criminal process. We support the rights of crime victims to give statements and be heard by the court, to collect restitution from defendants as enumerated by law, and be given notification upon release of prisoners.

Legislation backed by the California Republican Party such as “Three Strikes and your Out,” “One Strike and your Out,” “10-20-Life,” “Jessica’s Law,” “Sexually Violent Predators Law,” and ‘Juvenile (Gang) Crime Initiative,” has kept the most dangerous and recidivist criminals off our streets and in prisons where they belong.

We support the section of the California Penal Code which states that the primary purpose of incarceration is punishment; therefore, prisoners should not be allowed gratuitous perks as outlined in the “Prisoners’ Bill of Rights.” We support prisoner work programs which help prisons become self-supporting.

We support the death penalty for especially heinous murders as more than an effective deterrent. We further support the death penalty for anyone convicted of carrying out a terrorist attack on the United States.

The California Republican Party decries the early release of prisoners who have been sentenced under the law. Citizens have the right to expect the state and the judiciary to protect them from criminals who impugn their core freedoms and prey on their ability to live safe and secure lives.