The Placer County Republican Party is charged with promoting Republican success and in assisting in electing Republican minded individuals to all government offices, from Mosquito Boards, to City Councils, to President of the United States. We accomplish this responsibility through three primary activities as follows:

Expand The Base – Register Republican Voters. In this highly mobile society, people move, relocate and change their political positions. Active voter registration activities through voter registration drives in malls, fairs, community events and in our neighborhoods are essential to expand voter registration in Placer County

Assist Republican Minded Individuals To Elected Office. The PCRP will encourage Republicans to seek public office as we recognize that all government agencies will benefit from the application of Republican Principles to their administration. To this end, we also review candidates who are seeking office and will often endorse those candidates that we feel best represent Republican principles.

Get Out The Vote. The most important activity of the Party is to mobilize Republican voters to vote on election day. We also provide guidance and support to all our endorsed Republican candidates by distributing materials, voter guides and other information to the voters of Placer County.

The Placer County Republican Party provides for these activities through contributions raised from within the County. We receive only limited support from the California Republican Party and none from the National Republican Party, so your contributions are essential.