Every child in California is entitled to a first-class education.

Education is the great leveler in American society. It provides the opportunity for any child to be raised up in our society based upon hard work and achievement. Unfortunately, this leveling effect is getting lost as California’s schools have deteriorated due to domination by union bosses, which contribute to the degradation of the curriculum and the marginalization of involvement by parents. We support all reasonable measures to strengthen academic standards and maximize the influence and involvement of parents in the schools.

We believe that parents will make better choices than government in almost every case. Consequently, we support school choice programs, school voucher programs, magnet schools, charter schools, homeschooling, educational savings accounts, and the right of parents to abolish bi-lingual education in their school district, if they so choose. We support the abolition of all regulatory barriers and relations that get in the way of parents availing themselves of these options.

Our schools should be places where learning basic competencies dominate and social engineering is disfavored. We oppose social promotion and support basic competency, including exit exams. We call for local schools to be controlled by parents and local school boards. We reject the current domination of schools by the union bosses to the detriment of parents, students and teachers.

Schools cannot function unless they are safe. After the provision of a rigorous course of study, safety in schools at all grade levels should be the highest priority. Admission and programs to all schools should be based solely on merit.