The California Republican Party is the party that believes in long-term responsible stewardship of California’s bountiful natural resources for future generations.

Protection and stewardship of the environment began under a Republican President. We believe that we can have both a healthy economy and a healthy environment, and believe in environmental policies based upon sound science, innovation, new technologies and incentives rather than regulation, taxation and litigation. Environmental regulations must be balanced and tempered by the effect that they will have on workers and on the economy. We believe that the Kyoto Treaty is fundamentally flawed because it ignores the fact that the largest source of greenhouse gas in the world is China, which is exempt from the requirements of Kyoto.

We believe that entrepreneurs, using technology, innovation and incentives, are more likely to solve environmental problems than bureaucrats.

Our current dependence on foreign oil threatens both our national security and economic prosperity by making us vulnerable to unstable world conditions. Through private initiative and enterprise, we stand for the development of energy which is independent from foreign sources. We believe that city governments should be held to the same standards of cleaning waste water as are applied to private industry.