How to Print, Circulate, and Submit Petitions

This page explains everything you need to know to download and print petitions, offer them to other registered voters for their signature, and return the signed copies to one of our collection centers located in your county. Our hope is that you will download and print, gather signatures, and then return signed copies of all of the petitions.

In addition to these instructions, you can watch our video “How to Circulate Petitions.”

1 – You can obtain petitions in bulk from the volunteer operated collection centers located in your county. Use this drop down menu for your county to contact someone to obtain unsigned petitions that are ready for circulation.

If you intend to print petitions yourself:

Step One – Paper and Ink

1 – Make sure you have a fresh ink cartridge, and only use black ink.

2 – Only use white legal size paper, which is 8.5″ x 14.” You can get this paper at any stationary store. No other size or color of paper or ink color can be legally verified.

3 – Load paper into printer tray – you may have to use the manual tray for the oversized paper.

Step Two – Download Petition

1 – Go to the “Initiatives” page.

2 – Identify the initiatives you would like to sign; a PDF file will appear on your screen.

3 – Select the print icon on the PDF file and click; your petition will print.

Once you have unsigned petitions ready to circulate:

Step Three – Circulate Petitions for Signatures

1 – Determine where you will gather signatures: As a volunteer there are few restrictions on where you are permitted to ask registered voters to consider signing your petitions, but be respectful of private property and always obey requests by property owners to depart. You are encouraged to bring petitions to organized groups of like-minded individuals and offer all of them an opportunity to sign your petitions. Use your creativity.

2 – It is vital to make sure the petitions are properly filled out. Each person must attest that they are a registered voter, then sign and print their names. Every signer must reside in the county that is noted on the petition. Then as the signature gatherer, you must sign the petition as well. Please carefully review the example below of a correctly filled out petition, or watch the video.

Step Four – Submit Petition

1 – Use this drop down menu to find collection locations in your county

Drop Down Menu – Find Your County Collection Locations

2 – Either hand deliver your signed petitions, or mail them to the address specified. Please note there is just one mail in location per county, but depending on where you live, there may be several drop off locations.