How to Verify Signed Petitions

This page explains everything you need to know to verify signed petitions.

Step One – Understand the Process

Once petitions are signed and submitted to our volunteer collection centers, they have to be carefully reviewed to verify they have been properly printed and all the information is entered properly. If petitions are not filled out properly and signed by currently registered voters, the Secretary of State will reject them.

To help perform the vital task of verification before signed petitions are submitted to the Secretary of State, familiarize yourself with the process, then contact someone at a Unify California volunteer headquarters located in your county.

Step Two – Learn the Details of the Verification Process

1 – Petitions must be printed using black ink on white paper. The paper must be 8.5″ x 14″ legal paper.

2 – For every registered voter who has signed a petition, that voter’s address, signature, date and county must all be entered correctly for that petition to be successfully verified. Please carefully review the example below of a correctly filled out petition, or watch the video.

3 – Every voter who signs the petition must be currently registered to vote, which you can check using the online database we will provide.

4 – No voter can sign any specific petition more than once, which you can check using our online database. Once you have verified a voter has not previously submitted a signed petition, you will enter their information into our database so we can be certain there will not be duplicates.

5 – Once a signed petition is verified, it is placed with other signed and verified petitions to be submitted to the California Secretary of State.

Step Three – Let Us Know if You Would Like to Help Verify Petitions

1 – Use this drop down menu to a Unify California headquarters location in your county

Drop Down Menu – Find Your County Volunteer HQ

2 – Once you have located a volunteer headquarters, contact them either via phone, email, or by using the “contact us” form provided.